About Me
I’m a walking paradox.

I’m an introverted people-person
An analytical and creative thinker
A homebody that seeks adventures
A creature of habit that loves a change
Although mostly I’ve been called weird, usually followed by, “not in a bad way!”
While (secretly) I've always agreed, it took some time to openly embrace.
But these contradictions are my greatest strengths.
They enable me to:
Connect quickly with others
Focus on details and big picture
Expand my comfort zone
Take calculated risks​​​​​​​
Having a paradox mindset has always been useful, and applying it to UI/UX Design is no exception.
Paradox in Design:
Intuitive / Novel
Functional / Beautiful
Complex / Simple
Optimal / Constraints
I believe competing goals are at the heart of great design. Both personally and professionally, I strive to problem-solve and create through this "opposing" lens, and to view everything as an opportunity for growth and innovation.
My Journey to Design
I’m always open to new opportunities. If you would like to connect feel free to reach out on my Linkedin, or by email, through the buttons below.
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